Three Ways You Can Keep Pests Away From Your Home

It is definitely every homeowners wish to keep their home free from pests. There is no wishing away pests, you just have to do something about them. Pests have been with us long and people have had to come up with ways of getting rid of them over the years. You will find that not every method will get rid of the pests so you need to find ways that will work for your home. Look at these things you can try out to ensure that you get rid of the pests.


You need to work on making your home clean every single time so that the pests will not find a home in your home. Pests are attracted by dirt and so if your home is sparkling there will be no pests in your house whatsoever. When you finish eating or cooking ensure that you clean up so that there are no food particles lying around because of the fact that pests love those food particles. Clean your dishes, sweep the floors and keep all surfaces clean. Focus mainly on the kitchen counters where food is prepared and served and also at the dining table where there may be crumbs of food to ensure that there are no particles. Pests will not stay where they are not being fed or finding food so you will find that when there are no food particles they will run away from your home. Just ensure that all the rooms are clean and not stuffy and that the garbage is always taken out on time or sealed in a way that there is no way the pests can get to it. Contact St. Louis Pest Control team to know more!


Consider checking regularly for pests in your home. Interestingly, rodents have the tendency to seek homage shelter every other cold season. This is especially in areas that are susceptible to entry by tiny animals. Tiny cracks in the walls, holes in the roof and entrances in the basement are some of the ways rodents ease into your home. Ensure you have constant checks on your house to ensure all these bases are checked and the house is in good order to avoid entrance of pests. Places like trees and other surrounding areas could also be a potential area that harbor pests. Animals like raccoons and squirrels find tree branches the easiest way to access your home. Know more about pest control at


Have St. Louis Exterminators carry out periodic inspections and treat your home before even an infestation occurs. Let the inspector update you on what you should do and know about the pests if there is any potential problem. The proverbial saying "prevention is better than cure" then holds water when this is done appropriately and you are well on your way to having a pest free home.